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Use this tool to manage a waypoint file for planning.

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Applicable voyage - or enter a new voyage

Optional description

Make this set of waypoints appear on the RV Investigator Map page

Draw a map of the waypoints     

Acceptable position formats are dd.ddd, dd mm.m, dd mm ss. Any inclusions of a 'minus' or S or W will ensure points are in the correct hemisphere. Any latitudes or longitudes marked with * cannot be parsed.

By default, waypoints are sorted by entry order. Use the 'order' column to reorder positions (using positive integer)

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Add more waypoints here. If more than 5, save the data using 'Generate zip output' and then add more.
Or upload a csv file (Headings: 'LABEL','LAT','LON')

Output formats - select at least one or more

RUX - for ship navigation (see RUX transfer notes)
GPX - for OpenCPN (default symbol is cross)
TSV - tab delimited - label and points only (suitable for GIS import)
Qinsy - points only as Qinsy formatted csv
CARIS - points only as virtual SVPs
SIS - non-connected points are drawn as a cross
KML - for Google Earth.
Excel - calculates distance and travel time at knots

This is the name of the zip file containing each type - file extensions are added automatically

Output filename -   

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