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IN2018_E01    - is a Marine National Facility voyage

Title: Triaxus Sea Acceptance Testing & Calibrations Voyage

Period: 2018-06-08 22:00 to 2018-06-10 22:00 UTC

Duration: 2.00 days

From: Hobart To: Hobart

Region: Tasmania coast southeast

Ship: Investigator (RV) [details]

Description: RV Investigator research voyage in2018_e01, titled “Triaxus Sea Acceptance Testing & Calibrations Voyage.” Voyage objectives were: 1. MNF SIT - Triaxus Sea Acceptance Testing as per MacArtney Sea Acceptance Test document # S1712880-SAT (see List of additional figures & documents on page 5). 2. MNF GSM - EK 60 calibration in Storm Bay. 3. MNF DAP – Acutec technicians on board for VSAT maintenance. 4. MNF Policy / Communications – Filming “Women On Board” – MNF Operations Officer Tegan Sime

Leader: Rod Palmer (CSIRO MNF)

Project: Investigator - general vessel operations, gear trials, etc. [details] Primary

Voyage extents: 43° 19.4' S to 42° 49.6' S    147° 20.3' E to 148° 22.7' E Get voyage track shapefile Get CSV

Marlin Metadata:-

  • RV Investigator Radon Data - Selected Voyages (2014 onwards) [details]

  • RV Investigator Voyage IN2018_E01 EK60 Echosounder [details]

  • RV Investigator Voyage IN2018_E01 EM710 MKII Multibeam Echosounder Data [details]

  • RV Investigator Voyage IN2018_E01 End of Voyage (EOV) Archive [details]

  • RV Investigator Voyage IN2018_E01 Underway UWY Data (Unprocessed) [details]

  • Cruise Summary Report at SeaDataNet:-

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  • Participants - on ship:- Click on column header to sort

    NameRoleOrganisation Project
    Amy Nau GSM Support CSIRO MNF Geophysical Survey and Mapping
    Craig Davey GSM Support CSIRO O&A Geophysical Survey and Mapping
    Francis Chui DAP Support CSIRO MNF Data Acquisition and Processing
    Ian McRobert SIT Support CSIRO MNF Seagoing Instrumentation Team
    Jay McGlashan SIT Support CSIRO O&A Seagoing Instrumentation Team
    Jonathan Salton Technician Acutec
    Lara van Raay WOB filming Small World Documentaries
    Lars Joergensen Technician MacArtney
    Matt Boyd GSM Support CSIRO MNF Geophysical Survey and Mapping
    Peter Shanks DAP Support CSIRO O&A Data Acquisition and Processing
    Phil De Boer CSIRO MNF Field Operations on RV Investigator
    Rod Palmer Voyage Manager CSIRO MNF Voyage Management on RV Investigator
    Simon Lønne Madsen Technician MacArtney
    Tegan Sime MNF Operations CSIRO MNF Voyage Management on RV Investigator

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    Data StreamData SummaryGet data
    Multibeam echosounder
    Time (UTC): 2018-06-10 04:06 to 2018-06-10 10:06
    Latitude: -43.20 to -42.86
    Longitude: 148.07 to 148.38
    Datafiles: 7
    Total size: 2.19 Gb
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    Geophysical Survey and Mapping data acquisition and processing report

    Singlebeam echosounder
    Time (UTC): 2018-06-09 01:06 to 2018-06-10 00:06
    Latitude: -42.97 to -42.97
    Longitude: 147.38 to 147.38
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    Geophysical Survey and Mapping acquisition report

    Caveat: this event log was authored on the voyage using either a standalone logging system called ELOG or more recently an inhouse event logging tool called Everlog. For this reason, some positions are unknown and may be resolved using the logged time and the underway dataset for the voyage.

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    When (UTC) LatitudeLongitude InstrumentIdentifierActionLogSubject / Comments
    2018-06-10 04:27 [view ] -43.2788 148.0355 ADCP [view] Start in2018_e01 started late due to GSM calibrations for the first day and a half of voyage
    2018-06-10 21:54 [view ] -42.8885 147.3498 ADCP [view] Stop in2018_e01

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