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Lady Basten

Short Name: LB - as used in survey codes
Type: Ship
Description: Australian Institute of Marine Science Research Vessel 1978 -


Most recent first.

LB 2/2005 [details] 26-Oct-2005 30-Nov-2005
LB 1/2005 [details] 10-Jan-2005 11-Feb-2005
LB 2/2004 [details] 7-Sep-2004 10-Oct-2004
LB 1/2004 [details] 25-Apr-2004 30-May-2004
LB 1/2003 [details] 17-Sep-2003 12-Oct-2003
LB 2/2003 [details] 8-Sep-2003 22-Nov-2003
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