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Survey When (UTC) LatitudeLongitude InstrumentIdentifierActionLogSubject / Comments
SS2011_V03 2011-04-18 00:00 [view ] -46.9347 142.2583 Pulse Pulse 7 recover
SS2011_V03 2011-08-02 00:00 [view ] -46.7937 142.3601 Pulse Pulse 8 deploy
SS2011_V03 2011-08-04 00:00 [view ] -46.7937 141.8160 SAZ SAZ47-14 deploy
SS2011_V03 2011-08-04 00:00 [view ] -46.8304 141.6497 SAZ SAZ47-13 recover
SS2011_V03 2011-08-05 23:16 [view ] -46.9226 142.2086 Glider SG517 deploy SOTS group. glider stopped communicating shortly after deployment.

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