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Project details

Title: BGC and Standard Argo float deployments
Id: 2587
Acronym: Argo floats
Investigator(s): Tom Trull
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Steve Rintoul
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: BCG (Tom Trull) and Standard (Steve Rintoul) Argo float deployments
Years: 2021

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

Dr Jutzeler (UTAS) The aim of this project is to link the behaviour of deep submarine eruptions with the morphology of their deposits. Modelling calculations of sediment mass fluxes will permit the first-ever hazard mapping scheme for submarine volcanoes globally (tsunami and sediment flows), and provide new ore vectoring strategies for exploration in Australia. For operational reasons the publication of the voyage plan has been postponed.

Dr Kawaguchi (AAD) The primary objective of this voyage is to ensure the orderly development of the krill fishery in waters off Australia’s Antarctic Territory. This will be achieved by updating the biomass estimate of Antarctic krill, enabling a revision of the catch limit within CCAMLR Division 58.4.2-East in the Indian Ocean (IO) sector of the Southern Ocean. Commercial krill fishing in the IO sector recommenced in 2016/17 after a 25 year hiatus. The current krill catch limit in the region is based on surveys conducted 14 years ago. There has been no regular ecosystem monitoring to assess how the system may have changed since then.
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