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Title: Collection of dead Invertebrates dredged with geological samples
Id: 2492
Investigator(s): Jeremy Horowitz
James Cook University - Department of Marine Biology [details]

Description: PhD student Jeremy Horowitz will be opportunistically collecting and preserving dead coral skeleton and tissue retrieved as by-catch during the dredging process within the Australian EEZ. Specimens will be photographed and preserved with sub-samples collected for DNA and polyp preservations.
Years: 2019

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Joanne Whittaker (UTAS) In a handful of locations on Earth, hot material rises from deep within the Earth to create lines of volcanoes such as the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain. We aim to test if the Tasmantid and Lord Howe Seamount chains, hidden in the seas off eastern Australia, should be included in this rare group and if the Louisiade Plateau to the north could have formed from the massive flood of basaltic lava triggered when a rising plume reaches the surface.
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