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Title: Tropical observations of atmospheric convection, biogenic emissions, ocean mixing, and processes generating intraseasonal SST variability
Id: 2485
Investigator(s): Alain Protat
Bureau of Meteorology [details]

Description: The objective of this proposal is to improve the parameterization of tropical moist convection in the atmosphere and vertical mixing driven by internal tides in the ocean, which are still major road blocks for producing accurate daily to seasonal weather forecasts and climate predictions. Our associated observational aims are to: * Over a period of >30 days, in order to sample different phases of the Madden-Julian and/or other monsoon oscillations, extensively characterize the 3D mesoscale atmospheric dynamics of a target coastal location in Northern Australia that has a large diurnal cycle of precipitation. * Characterize in detail the diurnal through monthly evolution of the upper ocean and near surface structure at the target site to advance our understanding of atmosphere – upper ocean coupling. * Construct detailed datasets of clouds, air-sea fluxes and atmospheric turbulence and make all datasets available to the international Years of Maritime Continent (YMC) science community, to expedite progress in improving parameterizations of convection, clouds, and the boundary layer.
Years: 2019



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Alain Protat (BOM) Accurate predictions of Australia’s regional weather and climate require accurate representations of atmospheric and oceanic processes in our prediction models over the entire globe, and not just over Australia. However, some global locations are more important than others, and one is the region known as the ‘Maritime Continent’, comprising the islands and seas of Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, and surrounds. This voyage will form part of a larger international effort to tackle the problems of the Maritime Continent in our models by making detailed observations of the daily cycles of convective storms and the mixing of heat in the atmosphere and ocean.
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