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Project details

Title: Hogan group, Bass Strait hydrographic survey
Id: 2455
Investigator(s): Richard Cullen

Description: Scientific objectives: to gain an understanding of the nature of the marine environment in the survey area and to collect meteorological and oceanographic data in the area to contribute to current modelling systems. Additionally, this information will benefit the management of the Commonwealth Marine Reserve at Hogan Island.
Years: 2017


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Survey InvestigatorDescription

LCDR Richard Cullen RV Investigator research voyage in2017_c02, titled "RAN Hydrographic Survey." Voyage objectives: to undertake hydrographic survey operations in the vicinity of Hogan Island (Bass Strait) to facilitate safe navigation for international and coastal shipping. The meteorological and oceanographic observations and data collection have three purposes, namely: a. To collect data from which a sonar or radar range prediction can be calculated (humidity, pressure, temperature, wind speed, ocean temperature and salinity profile, currents through depth, sediment type, sub-bottom classification, where possible). b. To identify what observations can be conducted concurrently, and what observations have limiting factors that preclude concurrent operations/survey activity. c. To develop understanding of what types, accuracy and formats of data can be collected and how this might be of use to the scientific community and Defence.
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