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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: B. Duncan (Office of Env and Heritage NSW)
Id: 2415
Acronym: National Facility User: Duncan, B
Investigator(s): Brad Duncan

Years: 2013

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

B Duncan (Office of Environ and Heritage NSW) MNF Southern Surveyor research voyage SS2013_t04. Use the EM300 to search and survey HMAS Australia and HMAS Voyager. Scientific Objective: This work forms part of a wider study to investigate the site formation processes of deepwater shipwrecks. The debris field of the HMAS Australia wreck has never been adequately explored. This work will explore the extent of the debris field from the wreck, including the location of loose guns (rifled cannons) and funnels which were stored on deck, along with the location of the gun turrets which would have fallen out of their mounts during the sinking. These surveys will be the deepest survey of a wreck in NSW water and will provide baseline data for future potential research projects at the University of Sydney and internationally. When used in conjunction with other deepwater Australian shipwreck inspections (eg HMAS Sydney/ Kormoran and Centaur), the proposed survey will contribute further to the understanding of the site formation processes (ie how shipwreck sites form and deteriorate) and the physical decomposition processes of deep water wrecks. Scientific Objectives: The project aims to improve our understanding of the sources, sinks and background concentrations of key greenhouse gases in the Southern Hemisphere. a) Make continuous measurements of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and ozone as the RV Southern Surveyor travels along the chosen transect; b) Assimilate measured data into a variety of atmospheric chemical transport, inverse and statistical models to improve our knowledge and understanding of atmospheric greenhouse gases and their sources and sinks.
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