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Project details

Title: DEPRECATED: CMAR Research Charter - Great Australian Bight (GAB)
Id: 2411
Acronym: CMAR Charter GAB
Investigator(s): Alan Williams
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Jason Tanner
South Australian Research and Development Institute [details]

Andy Ross
CSIRO Division of Earth Science and Resource Engineering [details]


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Survey InvestigatorDescription

A. Williams (CMAR) MNF RV Southern Surveyor - Research Charter ss2013_C02. RV Southern Surveyor Research Charter - Great Australian Bight. Scientific Objectives: Study of benthic ecosystems and natural hydrocarbon seepage in deep (200-3,000 m) waters of the Great Australian Bight (GAB) are part of the focus of a research program (the GAB Science Plan). The Science Plan aims to describe key elements of marine ecosystems across the GAB, including in the deep central GAB area associated with oil and gas exploration activity. Characterising benthic ecosystem structure and function is important because there are virtually no existing benthic biological data beyond continental shelf depths (< 200 m) in the GAB. Conservation values attributed to Commonwealth Marine Reserves (CMR) spanning wide depth ranges are untested on the mid- and lower continental slope, while oil and gas lease areas extend across the GAB Marine Park (GAB MP). The benthic ecosystem description will be strengthened with context provided by an improved understanding of hydrocarbon seeps and migration pathways in the GAB. The objectives of several projects within the Science Plan will be partly met by results from this voyage.

A. Williams (CMAR), M. Sherlock (CMAR), A. Marouchos(CMAR) MNF RV Southern Surveyor - Research Charter ss2013_C01. RV Southern Surveyor 24 hour Research Charter - BOAGS deepwater testing Scientific Objectives: Testing of newly configured BOAGS sampler in working depths 1000 - 2700 m
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