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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: A. Jones (Geoscience Australia )
Id: 2387
Investigator(s): A Jones
Geoscience Australia [details]

Years: 2011

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

A. Jones (Geoscience Australia) Southern Surveyor Research Voyage ss2011_v05. The influence of natural hydrocarbon migration and seepage on the geological and biological systems of the offshore northern Perth Basin. Scientific Objectives 1. Map sites of natural hydrocarbon seepage in the offshore northern Perth Basin (Jones,Kennard, Ross, Greinert) On the basis of: acoustic signatures in the water column, shallow subsurface and on the seabed; geochemical signatures in rock and sediment samples and the water column, and; biological signatures on the seabed: document the spatial distribution of seepage sites and characterise the nature of the seepage at these sites (gas vs oil, macroseepage vs microseepage; palaeo vs modern day seepage). 2. Investigate generic structural controls on natural hydrocarbon seepage in the offshore northern Perth Basin, to determine the leaking versus sealing nature of individual faults within linked fault systems (Jones, Kennard). Quantify seepage indicators over sealing structures through surveying the seabed over known oil and gas accumulations, then compare and contrast the results with indicators of seepage over structures with residual hydrocarbon columns that are known to have leaked or be leaking, then use these controls to assess the leaking or sealing nature of other structures in a variety of environments. 3. Assess the influence and potential future impact of natural hydrocarbon seepage on geological and biological systems and anthropogenic activities in Australias southwest margin (Jones, Heap, Greinert). Determine whether the level of natural hydrocarbon seepage within the offshore northern Perth Basin: a) is likely to impact climate change due to methane release in shallow water, b) is a control on benthic habitat distribution, c) presents a natural hazard such as for drilling or slope stability, or d) has the potential to change or influence petroleum prospectivity.
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