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Title: Southern Surveyor : BoM Charter
Id: 2378


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Survey InvestigatorDescription

A Thomas (BOM) Southern Surveyor research voyage charter ss2011_c02.Tsunami Detection Buoy Maintenance for Australian Tsunami Warning System (ATWS). Scientific Objectives: The Australian Tsunami Warning System (ATWS) is a national effort involving the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (Bureau), Geoscience Australia (GA) and Emergency Management Australia (EMA) to provide a comprehensive tsunami warning system capable of delivering timely and effective tsunami warnings to the Australian population by 2009. The project also supports international efforts to establish an Indian Ocean tsunami warning system, and contributes to the facilitation of tsunami warnings for the South West Pacific. Due to the complexity and uncertainty as to whether an undersea earthquake has the potential to generate a tsunami, the observation of sea levels is a critical factor in verifying whether a tsunami has actually been generated. The use of actual sea level observations, as compared with reliance on seismic observations alone, therefore helps to significantly reduce the risk of false tsunami warnings being issued. All Australian-owned buoys, as well as deep-ocean buoys operated by other countries in the Australian region, provide critical data to Australia's tsunami warning system.
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