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Title: National Facility Next Wave
Id: 2374

Description: The Next Wave program provides a unique opportunity for up to ten early career researchers and students of marine science to experience the working environment of a blue-water research vessel equipped with modern laboratory facilities and deep-water research technology.
Years: 2008

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Sebastion Holmes (UWS) SS2011_T03 Next Wave. The distribution of pelagic and benthic fauna along Australias southern seaboard Scientific Objectives: The focus of this program is to give students a taste of what it is like to live and work on an ocean going research vessel and to expose them to some of the different sampling methods and equipment that are used in oceanographic research. The students will have two (quasi) scientific aims, each of which will contribute to our knowledge about Australian waters, as follows: 1) to characterise the macro-fauna inhabiting the benthos at range of depths along Australias southern coast; 2) to investigate regional surface productivity (POM) and the distribution of pelagic organisms along the southern shelf of Australia. For Kloser, the voyage provides an ongoing opportunity to use vessel transit time to complete a national mapping of the upper-mid slope seabed with multi-beam mapping and associated ecological interpretation. For Reisser, the voyage will facilitate her ongoing research on the distribution, abundance and composition of floating marine debris (FMD) around Australia. Marine debris has become a major hazard to marine life and is also leading to aesthetic degradation, economic losses and human health hazards. At present, limited data exist to quantify and explain the geographical range and content of marine debris in our oceans. Extracted from the voyage plan MNF_ss2011_t03_plan.pdf. Please refer to plan for full details.

J Young (CMAR) Transit voyage Hobart to Sydney Supported by CSIRO-MAR, MNF, and SIMS Scientific Objectives "Next Wave" is a new programme of the National Facility Research Vessel Southern Surveyor to encourage young scientists to try research at sea, inspired by the success of the 2006 voyage led by Dr Moninya Roughan and supported by ARCNESS. Next Wave provides the additional crew as well as a full scientific staff (electronics, hydro, computing etc) on their transit voyages between ports. SIMS has hosted two recent transit voyages Transit SS03-2008 (Aug08, Gladstone to Sydney) and Transit SS01-2009 (Jan09, Sydney to Wellington), with students from all over Australia. The students and leaders work 12 h shifts between 07:00-23:00 to operate the CTD rosette and N70, XBT casts, a well as underway TSG, fluorometer etc, bird/whale counts, etc. Taken from voyage plan ss2010_t03
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