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Title: National Facility External Users: C. Mitchell (Geoscience Australia)
Id: 2241
Acronym: National Facility user: Mitchell, C.
Investigator(s): Cameron Mitchell
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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 01/2007

C. Mitchell (GA) Geoscience Australia GAB Survey
Bight Basin geological sampling and seepage survey: sampling the Cretaceous section of the Bight Basin, and investigating potential natural hydrocarbon seeps.
The main survey objective is to address existing knowledge gaps regarding the nature and distribution of potential source rock intervals in the Bight Basin. Our current knowledge of the source potential of the basin is based on samples from wells drilled in proximal areas of the basin and geological models of the basin fill derived from seismic interpretation. This survey aims to sample the distal facies of potential source intervals of Albian-Santonian age at locations on the seaward edges of the Ceduna and Eyre Terraces. Furthermore, this survey aims to investigate potential natural hydrocarbon seepage at sites across the Ceduna Sub-basin, which may provide evidence for the presence of active petroleum systems (taken from SS01/2007 voyage plan).
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