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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: K. Glenn (Geoscience Australia)
Id: 2239
Investigator(s): Kriton Glenn
Geoscience Australia [details]

Years: 2006

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 10/2006

Dr Kriton C Glenn (Geoscience Australia)

Southern Surveyor scientific research voyage SS 10/2006 was conducted in the Tasman Sea off New South Wales during October 2006.
Scientific Objectives

  • This survey is to assess the physical nature of the NSW continental slope.
  • To improve the understanding surficial and sub surface structure of the slope
  • To investigate the history of sediment movement along and down the continental slope.

Voyage Objectives
To ascertain the rate and nature of sediment movement across and along the NSW continental slope. This will be achieved by first imaging the area utilising the Swath, and sub bottom profiles. After this data has been acquired a range of potential sampling sites will be selected for side scan, seismic acquisition followed by the physical sampling effort including gravity cores, box cores and piston cores. These sites are anticipated to reveal the timing and extent of sediment movement.

Taken from unpublished voyage plan SS10-2006

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