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Project details

Title: Norfolk Ridge / Lord Howe Rise Biodiversity Discovery Survey (NORFANZ)
Id: 1816
Acronym: NORFANZ
Investigator(s): Alan Williams
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Years: 2003
Hierachy: National Ecologically Sustainable Development


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Survey InvestigatorDescription

M. Clark (NIWA) The NORFANZ research voyage was undertaken to explore deep sea habitats around seamounts and abyssal plains around Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands through to northern New Zealand, in May-June 2003. It was a collaborative survey funded by the Australian National Oceans Office and the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries, and was operated by CSIRO (Australia) and NIWA (New Zealand). The plan for the voyage was to collect biodiversity samples, DNA tissue samples, seabed habitat data, photographs and video on seamounts at depths between 200 metres and 1.2 kilometres, and survey free-swimming animals that live in the water masses above and around these seamounts.
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