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Project details

Title: Franklin National Facility - general vessel operations, gear trials, etc.
Id: 1543
Acronym: Franklin National Facility - vessel operations

Years: 1986 to 2002

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 04/2002

Lindsay Pender (CMR) Advantage was taken of this TRANSIT from Sydney to Hobart to a) Test newly developed XBT interface electronics and software b) Do inter-comparison between different XBT systems and CTD in a variety of locations selected to give a wide range of temperature profiles. c) To test a new carbon dioxide sensor for use on research vessels.
FR 13/98

National Facility Steering Committee Year of the Ocean promotional activities
FR 08/98

National Facility Steering Committee Year of the Ocean promotional activities
FR 05/98

National Facility Steering Committee Year of the Ocean promotional activities
FR 09/89

R. Edwards & D. Edwards (CSIRO) Cruise FR 09/89 was undertaken to test the development of the EZ Net System in its new configuration using in-house developed computer control and data logging. The system was initially tested in shallow water in Storm Bay and then in deeper water off Maria Island, Tasmania. Ten EZ Net deployments were conducted.
FR 08B/86

T. McDougall (CSIRO) Cruise FR 08B/86 was undertaken to test the microfish pressure vessel and stainless-steel SDL pressure cast for water-tightness and deployment of 'Bunyip' (Seasoar vehicle and Microfish vehicle together) in deep water off Maria Island, Hobart. Microfish pressure testing was successful, but the lowering of the SDL pressure vessel proved that it had a tiny leak. The communication of data and commands between the ship and both fish operated successfully (although with intermittent crashes!) and spectra of the accelerometers in the microfish collected, this being a major objective of the cruise.
FR 06B/86

F.B. Griffiths (CSIRO) Franklin cruise FR 06B/86 was a gear testing cruise for the EZ net and the programmable water sampler (PWS) in waters off the southeast coast of Tasmania. Cruise objectives were to stream, recover and tension the new CTD wire, to gain experience in deploying and recovering the EZ net and the PWS and learn how to operate the EZ net.
FR 02/85

R. Edwards, A. Papij, F. Boland, A. McEwan & J. Church (CSIRO) Cruise FR 02/85 was undertaken to test equipment, systems and the ship in a variety of scenarios prior to undertaking projects for the National Facility.
FR 01/85

R. Edwards (CSIRO) Cruise FR 01/85 was the maiden voyage and delivery cruise.
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