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Project details

Title: Prediction of Tides and Currents for Offshore Resources 1989-1993
Id: 1535
Acronym: Prediction of Tides and Currents for Offshore Resources
Investigator(s): Chris Fandry
(Former) CSIRO Division of Oceanography - Hobart [details]

Years: 1989 to 1993

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
Devonport Moorings (1991/92)

C. Fandry (CSIRO) As part of a study of effluent dispersion on the north coast of Tasmania, current meters were deployed at five sites located between 1 and 4 km from the end of the Devonport sewage outfall, as a surrogate for effluent from a proposed pulp mill in the area, in water depths between 3 and 21 m. Data were collected from all 5 sites during July-October 1991, and again for sites 1, 2 and 5 during March-July 1992.
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