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Title: National Facility External Users: Y. Bone (University of Adelaide)
Id: 141
Acronym: National Facility user: Bone, Y.
Investigator(s): Yvonne Bone
University of Adelaide [details]

Years: 1994

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 04/99

Y. Bone (University of Adelaide) This information was taken from the Cruise Plan.
Cruise FR 04/99 will steam from Darwin to the Yampi Shelf hydrocarbon seeps where some bottom samples will be taken for the Australian Geographical Survey Organisation (AGSO), then steam to the start the main task, about 20 transects in an area between 15-20 deg S and 115-122 deg E in waters off the coast from Broome to Dampier. The AGSO work will follow parts of the Yampi Tertiary Tie (YTT) seismic lines 8,9,10, acquire sediment samples to investigate benthic communities around hydrocarbon seeps. Also water samples, still and video images, high resolution shallow seismic profiles, and sea floor mapping data will be acquired. The major task is to investigate the Extension of cool-water carbonate facies into deeper waters in Australia's tropical North-West Shelf area : oceanographic, sedimentological, paleontological and geochemical history. Data collected will include Precision Depth Profiling, bottom sediment and biota samples, bottom water samples and CTD profiles, colour photography of the sea floor on camera and video stations and seismic lines. Equipment includes epibenthic sled, Bleys dredges, Box corer, underwater camera, underwater real-time video system, seismic equipment and side scan sonar. This cruise was inspired by the investigations on cruise FR 01/96.
FR 03/98

Y. Bone (University of Adelaide) including other Pis Cruise FR 03/98 was undertaken to study cool water carbonates in the eastern Great Australian Bight (Ceduna Terrace). Cruise objectives included to characterise the sedimentary facies present; analyse the sea-floor waters; document the nature of the morphology of the area, particularly the shelf margin; document the systematics of bryozoans, molluscs, foraminifers, corals, brachiopods, crustaceans and ostrocods present; document the distribution, food-source and other parameters governing the distribution of the king crab; determine environmental parameters controlling distribution and abundance of biota present and ascertain water current parameters across the shelf and down the slope margin. All objectives achieved to varying degrees. Survey methods included CTDs, pipe and epibenthic sled dredges, grabs, precision depth profiles, seafloor photography, real-time underwater video system, and underway instrumentation. Water, biota, rock, mud and sediment samples were collected for on board and laboratory analyses.
FR 07/95

Y. Bone (University of Adelaide) including other PIs Cruise FR 07/95 is the fourth cruise in a series investigating cool-water carbonate sedimentation and phytoplankton productivity along Australia's southern margin. Cruise was multi disciplinary, but with the emphasis on geoscientific aspects. Survey methods included precision depth profiling; rock, sediment, biota sampling by means of pipe dredging, epibenthic sled dredging, beam trawling and grabbing; water sampling and analysis by means of CTD and flow-through fluorometry; XBTs; underway instrumentation; ADCP and sea-floor photography. Data, sediment, biota and water samples were collected for on board and laboratory analyses.
FR 06/94

Y. Bone (University of Adelaide) including other PIs Cruise FR 06/94 is the third cruise in a series investigating the following parameters along Australia's southern margin; to investigate cool-water carbonates; obtain high-resolution sub-bottom profiles to determine Neogene and Quaternary structures and geological history; determine sediment distribution and dynamics on a major east-west oriented open-platform continental shelf fronting a long-fetch open ocean viz. the Southern Ocean; determine distribtuion of bryozoan species present and to obtain basic physical oceanographic measurements for the continental margin to gain insight into oceanographic parameters that may affect biofacies distribution. Survey methods included seismic profiling with a multi-electrode sparker unit, precision depth profiling, camera tows, epibenthic sled, dredges, grabs, XBTs, CTDs and underway instrumentation. Data, water, sediment and biological samples were collected for on board and laboratory analysis.
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