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Project details

Title: Marine Carbon Cycles 1997-2000
Id: 1302
Acronym: Marine Carbon Cycles
Investigator(s): Bronte Tilbrook
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Years: 1997 to 2000
Hierachy: Oceans & Climate Program » Biogeochemical Cycles » Marine Carbon Cycle

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 02/99

B. Tilbrook (CSIRO) (information from cruise plan) Southern Surveyor cruise SS 02/99 will be carried out in waters off Cape Grim and in the Southern Ocean. The cruise is designed to improve understanding of the timing and factors regulating the oceanic uptake of carbon dioxide in the sub-Antartic Zone. The cruise will focus on improving understanding of the regional variability in upper ocean biogeochemical properties (CO2, pigments, O2, and nutrients) and linking surface ocean flux estimates to atmospheric measurements of CO2 in the boundary layer near Cape Grim. Cruise objectives include to contribute to a better understanding of the carbon source/sink distributions in the region and the physical and biological controls on carbon uptake in the sub-Antartic zone. Southern Surveyor will coordinate work off Cape Grim with aircraft sampling to better understand the link between air-sea exchange and the drawdown in C02 in the atmospheric boundary layer at Cape Grim. To sample biogeochemical properties for summer conditions over a sediment trap mooring located at 46 degrees 45.52' S 142 degrees 05.38'E. CTD casts and aquashuttle tows will be carried out. This cruise will complement work done in the same region on Southern Surveyor in spring 1995 (SS 11/95), and on Aurora Australis in late summer, 1998.
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