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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: P. Hutchings (Australian Museum)
Id: 129
Acronym: National Facility user: Hutchings, P.
Investigator(s): Pat Hutchings
Australian Museum [details]

Years: 1988

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 06/88

P. Hutchings (Australian Museum) Cruise FR 06/88 was undertaken to sample benthic invertebrates from the continental slope off north eastern Australia (Murray Island to Cape Sidmouth) in the Coral Sea. Survey methods included beam trawls and sled (at depths from 472 m to 2510 m) and underway instrumentation. A diverse range of fauna were collected including pteropods, small molluscs, echinoderms, fish, solitary corals and deep water plankton these will be returned to the Australian Museum and distributed to the relevant specialists. All sediment, pumice and wood collected were also retained for examination.
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