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Project details

Title: The benthic fauna around Macquarie Island and the potential impact of the Patagonian toothfish trawl fishery 1998-2001
Id: 1214
Acronym: Benthic fauna and fishery impacts around Macquarie Island
Investigator(s): Tony Koslow
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Years: 1998 to 2001
Hierachy: Multiple Use Management of EEZ (MUMEEZ) Program » Biodiversity and Conservation Management » Seamounts & Deep Sea


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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 01/99

J.A. Koslow (CSIRO) Southern Surveyor cruise SS 01/99 is aimed at studying the population size and ecological interactions of the Patagonian toothfish populations in the area around Macquarie Island. Acoustic and trawl surveys of the Patagonian toothfish and other dominant species are planned in depths to 1500m, fish diets will be studied, and zooplankton and nekton sammples will be taken in the upper 200m and 1500 m respectively, using Bongo nets and MIDOC tows. Benthic habitats will be studied using acoustic mapping, underwater video transects and dredge samples. Observations of seabirds and sea mammals will also be made, and genetic samples of Patagonian toothfish taken for stock discrimination studies.
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