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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: B. Sanderson (Bureau of Meteorology)
Id: 106
Acronym: National Facility user: Sanderson, B.
Investigator(s): Brian Sanderson
Bureau of Meteorology [details]

Years: 1995

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 09/95

B. Sanderson (Bureau of Meteorology), including other Pis Cruise FR 09/95 (also known as MCTEX - maritime continental thunderstorms experiment) was undertaken to study air-sea interactions in the region of the Tiwi Islands (Bathurst and Melville) and the Beagle Gulf, located approximately 50 km off the Northern Territory coast of Australia. Surface gravity wave generaton, response of the water column to air-sea fluxes and air-sea fluxes were investigated. Survey methods included bulk and turbulent flux measurements, waverider deployments, ADCP/CEM-ADCP, CTDs, XBTs, underway instrumentation, SeaSoar and Seasnake tows. Silverfish CTD trials and flux intercomparison runs with the FIAMS Cessna were also conducted. Data and water samples were collected for on board and laboratory analyses.
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