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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: A. White (Flinders University)
Id: 102
Acronym: Franklin user: White, A.
Investigator(s): Anthony White
Flinders University of South Australia - Flinders Inst. Atmos. Mar. Sci. [details]

Years: 1998

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 05/2003

Associate Professor Antony White (Flinders Uni) The cruise objectives are to obtain the magnetotelluric (MT) data required for the project by deploying to the seabed a number of recording OBEMs ( Ocean Bottom Electrometer/Magnetometers) along transects aligned with Geoscience Australia's seismic line 100/003 in the Bonaparte Gulf. These instruments free-fall to the sea floor and record magnetic and electric field fluctuations until they are acoustically commanded to re-surface. The instruments weigh approximately 250 kg, and deployment and recovery is by light crane over the side of the vessel. Such procedures with these instruments have been used many times previously on R.V. Franklin.
FR 06/98

A. White (Flinders University) Cruise FR 06/98 is the second cruise undertaken to conduct the geophysical survey of the continental and abyssal plain off the Eyre Peninsula. Eighteen seafloor magnetotelluric instruments were deployed on FR 04/98 and seventeen were recovered, the majority from the continental shelf, and others from the continental slope and abyssal plain. Instruments from the sites, all came back with significant amounts of sediment in pipes and housings. Sediments will be passed on to Adelaide University for consideration. The data return is above 90% and all instruments recorded at least a few days. Preliminary analyses of the data shows that the electrical conductivity anomaly that has been imaged on land extends out across the continental shelf towards the edge of the continental margin. We are confident of determining significant tectonic information from these data.
FR 04/98

A. White (Flinders University) including other Pis Cruise FR 04/98 was undertaken for a geophysical survey of the continental and abyssal plain off the Eyre Peninsula (voyage 1 of 2). Natural variations of earth's electric and magnetic fields were measured over time scales of a few days to several weeks using seafloor magnetotelluric instruments, principal target being Eyre Peninsula. A new geophyscial instrument was developed to measure electric potentials (called self potentials, or SP) to detect the presence of mineralisation south of Eyre Peninsula, and to investigate SP signals across large magnetic anomalies in the Spencer Gulf. Sea-surface total-field magnetometers were used to investigate the effects of waves and swell, the variations of induction effects at the sea surface and the occurrence of a predicted magnetic amphidrome off the coast of South Australia. Underway data was also collected on this cruise.
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