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Event details

Voyage: IN2021_V02       [details]
When: 2021-04-26 07:01:58 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2021-04-26 07:01:58
Log: in2021_v02/in2021_v02
Equipment: ISP

InSitu pump [view]
Position: Latitude: -46.79133 Longitude: 141.70533

- entered into Elog as 46 47.48 S, 141 42.32 E
Action: Deployed

ISP& 39;s 02 and 03 deplopyed at 500m and 10m respectively. Further deployment of ISP& 39;s prevented due to cinch (tangle) of winch rope, preventing let out of further line. Recommend slower deployment winch speeds when deploying off A-frame for future runs.

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