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Voyage: IN2019_E01       [details]
Subject: Condenser temp
When: 2019-07-29 01:27:43 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2019-07-29 01:27:43
Log: in2019_e01_Atmospherics
Equipment: SMPS

nano Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (Grimm) [view]
Position: Latitude: -11.12217 Longitude: 139.77783

- entered into Elog as 11 07.33 S, 139 46.67 E
Action: Fault

I& 39;ve pulled the SMPS out in order to dry the wick.

Disconnected the DMA to pull it out. Taken it to dry lab. Disconnected the CPC (lots of cables!) and removed it (4 screws underneath) and relocated the CPC to the fume hood.

Removed the top cover of the optics, one of the tiny circuit boards blocking one of the screws for the front plate, then removed the front plate and foam, removed the inlet protecting the saturator block and then removed the wick with tweezers.

The wick is a slightly yellow colour, not sure if it was originally white or what, but it may be discoloured.

Leaving in the fume hood for the day. Might put in the oven overnight to drive the last bit of the water out.

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