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Event details

Voyage: IN2018_V08       [details]
When: 2018-12-30 03:32:15 UTC
Log: Geology_Rocks_in2018_v08
Equipment: Not specified
Position: Latitude: -40.1408 Longitude: 157.11125

- entered into Elog as -40.140800, 157.111250
Sample number:IN2018_V08_D02_013
Dredge Date:29/12/2018
Sample Number Assigned:Yes
Sample photographed (include scale and sample number):Yes
Sample sawn:Yes
Sawn sample photographed:Yes
Number of photos:4
Colour:black | brown
Alteration:Mn crust | altered
Grain size:sand and silt (<2 mm) | pebble (2-64 mm)
Grain shape:mixture
Sample bagged:yes
Bucket number:013
Rock name:granule conglomerate to breccia
Comments:Composition is sediment/other. Some carbonate-filled veins. Brownish volcanic. Looks sedimentary with brown-black altered clasts ranging sand to pebble size. Poor to moderate sorted. Veins of lighter material (cream to white) with fragments of other clasts and possible fossil detritus. Mn-coating.

Data entry comments: Dredge lat/lon and depth corresponds to location where dredge spikes begin.

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