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Voyage: IN2018_V01       [details]
When: 2018-02-18 11:04:33 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2018-02-18 11:04:33
Log: Atmospherics in2018_v01
Equipment: report
Position: Latitude: -56.55 Longitude: 141.49333

- entered into Elog as 56 33 S, 141 29.6 E

Epic day. Transited east toward ocean color hotspot near -56.5, 142.5 while low pressure center moved eastward at slightly more rapid pace. Underway flourescence which had been running about 10x over yesterday& 39;s mininum declined suddently to near zero within 1 hour of our intended location. Backtracked into heavy seas and gale force winds. Salinity and dissolved Oxygen tracked in reverse but flourescence did not recover. Stopped near present location to begin sampling for aircraft. GV began series of passes near the ship after 1300 local beginning with a south bound run at 20K ft. Then everntually a series of passes above, in and below clouds include ramps up and down. Excellent day as clouds were supercooled with cumulus rising into sratocu and very strong marin inversion and decoupled boundary layer. All instrumentation on ship worked well. Collected CTD and water samples for analysis. Will remain at this location until midnight then steam north.

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