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Voyage: IN2018_V01       [details]
When: 2018-02-06 07:52:07 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2018-02-06 07:52:07
Log: Atmospherics in2018_v01
Equipment: report
Position: Latitude: -62.00033 Longitude: 149.99967

- entered into Elog as 62 00.02 S, 149 59.98 E

Warm frontal weather with lowering clouds, snow earlier and light rain this afternoon. Winds have decreased to near calm. Foggy. Noticed bright band on high elevation scans of weather radar (donut shape reflectivitiy pattern) even though no rain at the surface - approximately 00 UTC.

Utah microwave radiometer showing random occasional noise in the 31 GHz channel. first noticed yesterday. Worse when very cold. Seems to have mitigated some as temperatures warmed today. Issue characterized by sharp drops to low Tb - similar to what was scene at Macquarie Island. LIkely due to salt or other contaminants in the radiometer. Unable to get the radiometer into shelter to do a cleaning at this time. Noise can be reaonably filtered from the data.

Other instruments nominal.

6 hourly soundings

Aerosol concentration features to high numbers noted late this afternoon.

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