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Voyage: IN2018_V01       [details]
Subject: scan pattern changed
When: 2018-02-06 03:47:14 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2018-02-06 03:47:14
Log: Atmospherics in2018_v01
Equipment: MiniMPL

MiniMPL [view]
Position: Latitude: -62.50217 Longitude: 150.00117

- entered into Elog as 62 30.13 S, 150 00.07 E
The manufacturers at Sigma Space (contact:ScanScenario_CAPRICORN_v12.txt

The manufacturers at Sigma Space (contact: Adam Slagel) notified me that the scanner should be set to an azimuth of 0degrees whilst pointing at zenith (elevation=90degrees). From Adam Slagel: "When you have the scanner pointed vertically (90º), keep the azimuth angle at 0°. In short, there are some positions of the scanner that have slightly different polarization properties, which tend to occur only when the scanner is pointing vertically with a varying azimuth angle. This has to do with the physical properties of the mirror coatings since they cannot match the theoretical design values 100%. They are as close as current techniques and technology will allow, but still not exact. " Therefore whilst the scanner is sitting at zenith (except for the elevation scans from 0-90 and 90-0) I set the azimuth to 0degrees. Scan pattern file: ScanScenario_CAPRICORN_v12.txt

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