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Voyage: IN2018_V01       [details]
Subject: today
When: 2018-01-27 07:51:19 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2018-01-27 07:51:19
Log: Atmospherics in2018_v01
Equipment: report
Position: Latitude: -60.85033 Longitude: 139.85033

- entered into Elog as 60 51.02 S, 139 51.02 E

Instruments running nominally. Reduced temperature in container to 5 C. Set point of radar at 7 C. Gained approximatly 2/3 db from setting at 25 C.

Stratiform clouds and fog most of the day. Tops near 500 m. Radar was able to sense the layer most of the day.

Passed 60 S!

Day ends with stratform rain presumably from upstream low pressure. Melting layer lifted to 500 m apprxoimately. Light winds and friendly seas.

6 hourly soundings

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