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Voyage: IN2020_V01       [details]
When: 2020-02-26 16:19:35 UTC
Log: Geology_Rocks_in2020_v01
Equipment: Not specified
Position: Latitude: -32.3227 Longitude: 97.8694 Position from underway logging
Sample number:IN2020_V01_D18_003
Sample Number Assigned:Yes
Sample photographed (include scale and sample number):yes, in IN2020_V01_D18_003
Number of photos:5
Sample sawn:Yes
Colour:grey-light | green
Alteration:Mn crust | altered
Phenocryst abundance (%):0
Mn crust thickness (mm):<2
Vesicle abundance:absent
Sample bagged:yes
Bucket number:1 of 1
Rock name:Strongly altered aphanitic basalt
Original Sample Dimensions:18x15x7 cm
Comments:Possibly in-situ. ~30% fracturing, infilled by clay, black minerals (biotite?) and chlorite(?). Alteration concentrated along fractures. Generally a soft rock.
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