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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS200705 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 126

Operation No.: 126

When: 1-Jul-2007 07:10 to 1-Jul-2007 07:42 UTC

Where: 15° 47.9' S    121° 03.2' E
to 15° 47.5' S    121° 03.5' E

Maximum Depth (m): 119.4

Comments: Position determination - map-position based on sonardyne

Catch Composition
SpeciesCAABCatch countWeight (kg)
Achaeus lacertosus28880063 [details]10.001
Amphiophiura confecta25176076 [details]10.001
Aphroditidae - undifferentiated22043000 [details]10.001
Asterometra cristata25048005 [details]60.031
Astropyga radiata25211003 [details]10.527
Class Ascidiacea - undifferentiated35000000 [details]
Class Echinoidea - undifferentiated25200000 [details]0.577
Class Gastropoda - undifferentiated24000000 [details]10.002
Dendronephthya sp. A [SS200705, 2008]99110492 [details]0.092
Dendronephthya sp. G [SS200705, 2008]99110497 [details]0.092
Echinaster stereosomus25143008 [details]20.037
Naxioides robillardi28880143 [details]10.001
Ogmaster capella25122018 [details]10.004
Ophioleuce seminudum25177003 [details]10.001
Ophiothrix sp. MoV 572725192070 [details]30.001
Order Actiniaria - undifferentiated11229000 [details]70.182
Order Hydroida - undifferentiated11001000 [details]10.003
Order Scleractinia - undifferentiated11290000 [details]0.001
Portunus aff. argentatus [SS200705, 2010]99280418 [details]20.002
Portunus sanguinolentus28911006 [details]20.014
Pseudolambrus sp. MoV 645228895035 [details]10.001
Sicyonia bispinosa28715006 [details]40.002
Synalpheus neomeris28765139 [details]10.001
Gear details
CSIRO 4m Beam Trawl
Instruments used.
InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
CSIRO 4m Beam TrawlCMAR
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