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Survey: - SS200510 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 69

Operation No.: 69

When: 29-Nov-2005 03:31 to 29-Nov-2005 03:52 UTC

Where: 31° 55.3' S    115° 12.1' E
to 31° 55.4' S    115° 11.8' E

Catch Composition
Aka WAM sp. SS02 [SS200510, 2010]99100574 [details]20.22
Aka WAM sp. SS07 [SS200510, 2010]99100578 [details]10.005
Ancorina WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100395 [details]12.68
Aplysinopsis WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100638 [details]30.18
Asteropus WAM sp. SS4 [SS200510, 2010]99100399 [details]0.76
Asteropus WAM sp. SS5 [SS200510, 2010]99100400 [details]1.14
Bolma sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99240163 [details]20.015
Cacospongia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100612 [details]10.2
Cacospongia WAM sp. SS2 [SS200705, 2010]99100364 [details]0.08
Carteriospongia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100636 [details]10.02
Cetoconcha gloriosa23430007 [details]10.001
Cinachyrella WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100384 [details]140.9
Class Demospongiae - undifferentiated10180000 [details]10.001
Coelosphaera WAM sp. SS3 [SS200705, 2010]99100300 [details]42.64
Coelosphaera WAM sp. SS5 [SS200510, 2010]99100479 [details]20.14
Dactylospongia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100614 [details]32.1
Enoplolambrus validus28895020 [details]10.002
Fustiaria sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99230209 [details]10.001
Geodia WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200510, 2010]99100423 [details]22.14
Geodia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100424 [details]10.36
Geodia WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100425 [details]13.84
Halichondria WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100538 [details]10.1
Haliclona WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100561 [details]0.05
Haliclona WAM sp. SS7 [SS200510, 2010]99100567 [details]10.1
Hemitedania WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100504 [details]0.02
Hoplaster sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99250343 [details]10.004
Hyatella WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100648 [details]21.44
Hymeniacidon WAM sp. SS3 [SS200705, 2010]99100261 [details]0.144
Hyrtios WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100616 [details]0.01
Hyrtios WAM sp. SS5 [SS200510, 2010]99100619 [details]10.06
Isops WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100428 [details]0.68
Laevidentalium sp. 2 [SS200510, 2010]99230211 [details]20.002
Leiosella WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100645 [details]0.16
Leptomithrax sp. MoV 512128880190 [details]10.069
Limopsis cf. tenuiradiata [SS200510, 2010]99230123 [details]60.005
Luffariella WAM sp. SS01 [SS200705, 2010]99100343 [details]20.28
Luffariella WAM sp. SS05 [SS200510, 2010]99100623 [details]20.6
Luffariella WAM sp. SS06 [SS200510, 2010]99100624 [details]10.7
Lyreidus tridentatus28864003 [details]10.001
Manihinea lynbeazleyae10040007 [details]10.8
Munida gordoae28840125 [details]10.001
Nematopagurus sp. MoV 538328835073 [details]10.012
Niphates WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100572 [details]0.56
Oceanapia WAM sp. Ng2 [SS200510, 2010]99100581 [details]0.16
Oceanapia WAM sp. SS02 [SS200705, 2010]99100277 [details]202.01
Oceanapia WAM sp. SS04 [SS200705, 2010]99100330 [details]0.15
Oceanapia WAM sp. SS08 [SS200510, 2010]99100586 [details]22.46
Ophioleuce seminudum25177003 [details]10.001
Ophiomyxa australis25166001 [details]10.005
Paragiopagurus diogenes28837013 [details]30.018
Patagiaster sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99250323 [details]10.003
Petrosia WAM sp. SS3 [SS200705, 2010]99100268 [details]10.08
Pratulum thetidis23335002 [details]10.001
Pseudopalicus macromeles28962007 [details]20.001
Sarcotragus WAM sp. SS03 [SS200510, 2010]99100605 [details]10.52
Sarcotragus WAM sp. SS10 [SS200510, 2010]99100611 [details]11.04
Sceptrella WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100435 [details]10.12
Sceptrella WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100436 [details]20.06
Scleronephthya spp.11191903 [details]10.001
Solariellidae sp. 3 [SS200510, 2010]99240175 [details]10.001
Stelletta WAM sp. SS02 [SS200510, 2010]99100401 [details]0.18
Stelletta WAM sp. SS07 [SS200510, 2010]99100406 [details]40.56
Tedania WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100501 [details]11.32
Thorecta WAM sp. SS4 [SS200510, 2010]99100629 [details]20.03
Thorecta WAM sp. SS5 [SS200510, 2010]99100630 [details]20.06
Gear details
Sherman epibenthic Sled

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Sherman epibenthic SledCMAR
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