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Deployment Details

Survey: - PROM197002 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 169

Operation No.: 169

When: 28-May-1970 00:00 UTC

Where: 20° 04.1' S    117° 13.1' E
to 20° 05.0' S    117° 10.0' E

Maximum Depth (m): 50

Catch Composition
SpeciesCAABCatch countWeight (kg)
Abalistes stellatus37465011 [details]14
Callyodon pyrrhostethus (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379096 [details]2
Carangoides diversa (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379105 [details]5
Carcharhinus macloti (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379135 [details]2
Chaetodon vagabundus37365062 [details]12
Choerodon anchorago37384071 [details]5
Chrysophrys auratus37353001 [details]2
Epinephelus areolatus37311009 [details]2
Eulamia macrura (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379266 [details]5
Fistularia petimba37278002 [details]7
Lutjanus lutjanus37346008 [details]10
Lutjanus malabaricus37346007 [details]4
Lutjanus sebae37346004 [details]1
Lutjanus sp. (in Yearsley, Last & Ward, 1999)37346012 [details]4
Lutjanus vitta37346003 [details]15
Nemipterus peronii37347003 [details]35
Nemipterus spp.37347901 [details]5
Parachaetodon ocellatus37365003 [details]16
Pegasus sp. (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379499 [details]55
Platax pinnatus37362006 [details]2
Plectorhinchus picus37350023 [details]4
Scolopsis monogramma37347006 [details]28
Selaroides leptolepis37337015 [details]85
Skalozyb zheltiu [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379841 [details]140
Sphyraena pinguis (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379662 [details]2
Stegostoma fasciatum37013006 [details]1
Deployment observations.
Bottom type:Shelly Sand
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