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Deployment Details

Survey: - LB200502 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 23

Operation No.: 23

When: 31-Oct-2005 18:23 UTC

Where: 22° 18.3' S    151° 57.3' E

Catch Composition
Bufonaria rana24170002 [details]1
Charybdis bimaculata28911018 [details]1
Charybdis truncata28911015 [details]1
Dictyosquilla tuberculata28051030 [details]1
Dosinia circularis23380033 [details]1
Doxander campbelli24125005 [details]1
Liagore rubromaculata28920179 [details]1
Oratosquillina gravieri28051050 [details]1
Gear details
1.5m EpiSled
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