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General Purpose Dry Laboratory (Clean)   


User configurable, plumbed laboratory space.
- Area approximately 65 m2
- 22 m2 bench surface
- Centre benches with sinks that are reconfigurable and relocatable
- Fume cupboard
- Bench mounted laminar flow cabinet
- Trace metal clean sea water
- Ultra-pure fresh water
- De-ionized fresh water from a stand-alone purification unit
- Dry compressed air supply
- Clean circulating seawater supply to sinks
- Hot and cold freshwater at sinks
- 3 hazardous material lockers
- Refrigerator
- Bulkhead and deckhead Unistrut for securing equipment
- 10mm deck tie-down sockets for securing equipment


The General Purpose Dry Laboratory (Clean) is a multipurpose laboratory space that can be set up for a wide range of purposes.


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