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General Purpose Wet Laboratory (Clean)   


Multi-purpose laboratory where samples may be assessed under clean conditions, data recorded and analysed.
- Area approximately 52 m2
- 23 m2 bench surface
- Centre benches with sinks that are reconfigurable and relocatable
- Clean circulating seawater supply to sinks
- Trace metal clean seawater
- Hot and cold freshwater at sinks
- Fume cupboards
- 3 hazardous materials lockers
- De-ionized fresh water from a stand-alone purification unit
- Dry compressed air supply
- Bench mounted laminar flow cabinet
- Refrigerator
- Bulkhead and deckhead Unistrut for securing equipment
- 10mm deck tie-down sockets for securing equipment


The General Purpose Wet Laboratory (Clean) is a multipurpose laboratory where samples can be processed under clean conditions, and data recorded and analysed. It is typically used for plankton sampling and other science sampling (no mud or biological spillage).


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