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Preservation Laboratory   


A laboratory suitable for photography, preservation and the storage of samples.
- Area approximately 16 m2
- Adjacent to General purpose wet laboratory - dirty
- Close to General purpose wet laboratory - clean
- 3 hazardous materials lockers for separate storage of small volumes of preservatives (formaldehyde and alcohol) and samples
- Dry compressed air supply
- De-ionized fresh water from a stand-alone purification unit
- Large fume cupboard
- Hot and cold freshwater at sink
- Clean circulating seawater supply to sink
- Room can be completely darkened for photography
- Fitted for handling preservatives, dry ice and liquid nitrogen with good laboratory ventilation to prevent build up of toxic gases
- Bulkhead and deckhead Unistrut for securing equipment


A purpose built Preservation Laboratory is located adjacent to the Dirty Wet Lab. This space is equipped with an extra large fume hood, larger hazchem lockers, and a camera stand for photography


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