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Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota (CAAB) Taxon Report

Animalia (kingdom)  »  Mollusca (phylum)  »  Bivalvia (class)  »  Ostreoida (order)  »  Ostreidae (family)

CAAB Code: 23 257903 show as JSON
Scientific Name
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Magallana spp.  

Rank: Genus
CAAB category: 23 - Mollusca - non-Gastropod groups Bivalves, Cephalopods, Chitons, etc.
Family: 23 257 Ostreidae (oysters) - show full list
Common Name: [an oyster]
Organism Type: an oyster
Synonyms: Crassostrea spp.
Taxon lists: Current Australian list:
Commercial species list:
Standard Fish Names List:
Habitat: Marine unspecified
Parent Codes: 23 257000     Ostreidae
Child Codes: 23 257019     Magallana dactylena
23 257001     Magallana gigas
23 257022     Magallana sikamea
Taxon Notes:All Indo-Pacific species previous placed in Crassostrea are now placed in Magallana. The genus Crassostrea is now considered to be restricted to the Americas. This code is provided for use when identification of a specimen to this level is sufficient, or when no further detail is available.
Scientific Name
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Salvi, D., Mariottini, P., 2017. Molecular taxonomy in 2D: a novel ITS2 rRNA sequence-structure approach guides the description of the oysters' subfamily Saccostreinae and the genus Magallana (Bivalvia: Ostreidae)., Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, Vol. 179(2): 263-276. . doi:10.1111/zoj.12455 doi:10.1111/zoj.12455
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