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Animalia (kingdom)  »  Porifera (phylum)  »  Demospongiae (class)  »  Poecilosclerida (order)  »  Cladorhizidae (family)

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Scientific Name
and Authority

Abyssocladia escheri   Ekins, Erpenbeck & Hooper, 2020 - view taxon details

Rank: Species

Image Set: CSIRO Marine Invertebrate Image Collection (MIIC) View all images from this collection
Image Catalog Number:MIIC-18722
CSIRO Specimen Reference: IN2017_V03_115_126
Survey: IN2017_V03 [details]
Date of image: 12-June-2017 03:46
Position: -25.3253° 154.068°
Depth: 2351 metres
Image supplied byKaren Gowlett-Holmes
CreditCSIRO - Karen Gowlett-Holmes
LicenceCCBY 4.0
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