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Stenopodidae (shrimps)

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CAAB Scientific Name Common name
28 725000 Stenopodidae shrimps
28 725901 Odontozona spp. [a shrimp]
28 725902 Stenopus spp. [a shrimp]
28 725007 Odontozona ensifera [a shrimp]
28 725002 Odontozona sculpticaudata [a shrimp]
28 725006 Odontozona spongicola [a shrimp]
28 725003 Stenopus chrysexanthus [a shrimp]
28 725004 Stenopus cyanoscelis [a shrimp]
28 725008 Stenopus earlei [a shrimp]
28 725001 Stenopus hispidus banded cleaner shrimp
28 725005 Stenopus tenuirostris [a shrimp]

Note: CAAB codes prefixed "99" represent project-specific (informal) taxa.

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