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SS 03/91 (alternative identifier: SS199103)

Period: 1991-08-23 00:00 to 1991-09-10 00:00 UTC

Duration: 18.00 days

From: Fremantle To: Geraldton

Region: Tasmania-Fremantle (leg 1) then WA coast

Ship: Southern Surveyor [details]

Description: Southern Surveyor cruise SS 03/91. Leg 1 of the cruise was undertaken to get the underway salinity, temperature and fluorescence system going and to establish operating, calibration and maintenance procedures for these instruments; to measure surface salinity, temperature and fluorescence, and to collect surface nutrients across the sub-tropical convergence and to drop XBT's along a transect south of Tasmania to Cape Leeuwin. Leg 2 of the cruise, rock lobster larval sampling was conducted in the vicinity of the Abrolhos Islands and hydrographic sections across the Leeuwin Current.

Leader: D. McKenzie & B. Phillips (CSIRO)

Project: Rock Lobster Ecology Project 1985-1990 [details]

Voyage extents: 44° 00.0' S to 29° 00.0' S    114° 00.0' E to 148° 00.0' E

Marlin Metadata:-

  • Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 03/91 Biological Data Overview [details]

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  • Australian National Fish Collection (ANFC)

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  • Participants - on ship:-

    A Pearce CSIRO Division of Fisheries
    B Phillips CSIRO Division of Fisheries
    D Wright CSIRO Division of Fisheries
    Don McKenzie CSIRO Division of Fisheries
    J Garvey CSIRO Division of Fisheries
    M Jessop-Jolly volunteer
    Matt Sherlock CSIRO Division of Fisheries
    P Jolly CSIRO Division of Fisheries
    R Griffiths CSIRO Division of Fisheries
    Simion Braine CSIRO Division of Fisheries

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    • SS199103 Voyage Summary - includes preliminary results, voyage narrative, types of data collected with C77/ROSCOP codes.

    • SS199103 Voyage Plan - includes objectives, investigator details, proposed data collection, voyage track and equipment to be used.

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    Marine biodiversity observations and/or samples
    Time (UTC): 1991-09-05 00:00 to 1991-09-05 00:00
    Latitude: -29.60
    Longitude: 113.57
    Depth range: to m
    Occurrences: 1
    Taxa count: 1
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