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Tasmania: East Coast Moorings (1988)

Period:- 1988-05-26 to 1988-11-22

Mooring :- Tasmania: East Coast Moorings (1988) [details]

Description:- As part of a study of water bodies in relation to the distribution of orange roughy around the coast of Tasmania, 2 current meter moorings were deployed off Maria Island, in water depths of 100 and 1000 m, between May 1988 and November 1988. The moorings were deployed during leg 2 of Soela voyage SO 3/88, and recovered on Soela voyage SO 6/88.

Project:- Biological Oceanography - Tasmanian Waters 1985-1990 [details]


  • Tasmania East Coast Current Meter (Mooring) Data 1988 [details]

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    Current Meter
    From: 1988-05-27 19:30 to 1988-11-23 01:20 UTC
    Latitude: -42.67 to -42.65
    Longitude: 148.28 to 148.47
    Instrument Depth(s): 70,71,125,985 m
    Instrument(s): Aanderaa Meter RCM8 (serial 7839),Aanderaa RCM 4/5 (serial 13),Aanderaa RCM 4/5 (serial 7659),Aanderaa RCM 4/5 (serial 9326)
    Sample interval: 60 sec
    Water depth(s): 110,1000 m
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