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IM 1/96

Period: 1996-05-10 00:00 to 1996-05-19 00:00 Local

Duration: 9.00 days

Ship: Imlay [details]

Description: Scientific fishery data collected by the chartered commercial fishing vessel "Imlay" in May 1996

Leader: Dr Patrick De Deckker (ANU)

Project: Unknown (no details available) [details]

Voyage extents: 37° 25.8' S to 37° 25.8' S    150° 00.0' E to 150° 00.0' E

Metadata - No Marlin metadata records found or has not been linked to this survey or potentially the metadata catalogue is offline.

IPT Metadata:-

  • CSIRO, South East Fishery Habitat Ecosystem Study, Southeast Australia, 1993-1997

    View at      Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS)      OBIS Australia IPT      Atlas of Living Australia (ALA)

  • Participants:- no records

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    Marine biodiversity observations and/or samples
    Time (UTC): 1995-09-05 00:00 to 1995-09-05 00:00
    Latitude: -37.43
    Longitude: 150.00
    Depth range: to m
    Occurrences: 7
    Taxa count: 7
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    Catch Details
    From: not recorded
    Latitude: 0.00 to 0.00
    Longitude: 0.00 to 0.00
    Catch Summary:Deployments: 1
    Catch Composition: 7
    Measurements: 123
    Specimens: 147
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    Deployment OperationStationCastGearProject Start and end timesStart LocationEnd LocationDepthDescription
    Catch [details] 1   McKenna Market Trawl (standard) 500 2095-09-05 02:00 -37.4183 150.0517 Gillnets
    Catch [details] 2   McKenna Market Trawl (standard) 500 2095-09-05 03:00 -37.4300 150.0000 Market Trawl

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