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Project details

Title: Coral Sea Studies and Numerical Modelling 1978-81
Id: 40
Acronym: Coral Sea Studies and Numerical Modelling
Investigator(s): John Church
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Years: 1978 to 1981


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Survey InvestigatorDescription
AIMS/CSIRO Great Barrier Reef-Coral Sea Moorings (1985)

D. Burrage (AIMS) & J. Church (CSIRO) Ten moorings were deployed in the Coral Sea across the Great Barrier Reef off Townsville in May-June 1985, 5 by AIMS across Magnetic Passage in water depths between 24 and 240 m, and 5 by CSIRO between the entrance to Palm Passage and Flinders Reef in water depths between 500 and 1100 m, as part of a study of the time and space variability of the Great Barrier Reef undercurrent. The AIMS moorings were deployed from RV Lady Basten and the CSIRO moorings were deployed during Franklin voyage FR 03/85 and recovered on voyage FR 06/85.
SP 08/81

J. Church (CSIRO) Oceanographic studies NSW Coast and Coral Sea up to New Guinea.
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