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Title: Characterization of data quality from a 6000m CTD: the RBRargo³|deep6k in the Great Australian Bight
Id: 2631
Investigator(s): Peter Strutton
University of Tasmania [details]

Description (full): Proposed work: CTD profiles in waters deeper than 6000m, at 3 different locations depending on weather and ship track, comparing onboard SeaBird 911 sensors to 10x user supplied RBRargo|deep6k CTDs. Additional BGC sensors will be mounted for characterization against sensors provided by MNF: the RBRtridente and RBRcoda T.ODO will be mounted directly on the RBRargo|deep6k CTDs and therefore do not require any additional power, logging, or space. Once the rosette is on board, 42 water samples (250 mL each) will be collected (two from each bottle) to be analysed for salinity using a salinometer. Additionally, Oxygen samples will be collected and analyyzed on board at the same vertical resolution. Chlorophyll samples will also be collected to groundtruth fluorometers.
Years: 2024

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