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Project details

Title: IMOS - SOOP Bio-Acoustic Measurements on RV Investigator
Id: 2629
Acronym: BA-SOOP
Investigator(s): Tim Ryan
CSIRO Environment [details]

Description: The IMOS Bio-Acoustic Ship Of Opportunity (BA-SOOP) sub-facility is part of a major international effort that aims to determine the distribution and abundance of mid-trophic level organisms (meso-zooplanktonic and micro-nektonic) preyed by top predators (sharks, tuna) by using commercial fishing vessels (SOOP), research vessels, automated oceanic moorings, acoustic recorders, drifters and gliders. BA-SOOP commenced on the 1st of July 2010 to collect underway acoustic data from commercial fishing and research vessels. The earliest data acquired on the RV Investigator is from voyage IN2015_E01.
Description (full): Details at
Years: 2015 - ongoing
Remarks: CSIRO NCMI Geophysical Survey and Mapping (GSM) on each voyage manages the EK60/EK80 system on RV Investigator. The acquired data is processed onshore by the bio-acoustics group post voyage and sent to IMOS as a netCDF file



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