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Project details

Title: Global Atmosphere Watch Programme (GAW) - Regional station RV Investigator
Id: 2628
Acronym: GAW
Investigator(s): Ruhi Humphries
CSIRO Environment [details]


The Global Atmosphere Watch Programme ( monitors and studies the variability and trends in the composition of the global atmosphere and the related physical parameters and assesses their consequences. The foremost challenges for the Global Atmosphere Watch include gaining understanding of:

  • stratospheric ozone depletion and the increase of ultraviolet (UV) radiation;
  • the changes in the weather and climate due to the impact of human activities on atmospheric composition, especially on greenhouse gas, ozone and aerosol levels, and
  • the risks of air pollution on human health and other issues related to atmospheric deposition and the long-range transport of air pollution, and how to reduce these.

    Investigator details are at GAWSiS -

  • Years: 2018 - ongoing


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