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Project details

Title: Linking East Australian Current dynamics and submarine canyon geomorphology to marine ecosystem hotspots
Id: 2610
Investigator(s): Bernadette Sloyan

Years: 2024

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

Bernadette Sloyan (CSIRO O&A) This voyage will survey two shelf-incising canyons that are exposed to the influence of the EAC: Solitary Canyon (~30.1 oS, within the Central Eastern Marine Park) and the Richmond Canyon (~28.4oS). The project will evaluate and compare the hydrography, circulation, and benthic biology of each canyon, surrounding area and relation to the EAC to explain any observed similarities and differences between them. We will survey the adjacent shelf and slope environments, to compare canyon and non-canyon environments, and reveal the role of submarine canyons in setting the shelf conditions.
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